7 Awesome Beach Games and Toys for the Perfect Holiday

Great beach toys

7 Awesome Beach Games and Toys
It’s that time of year again when you can finally start to get excited about your summer holiday. It’s probably 4 weeks until you are due to travel but let’s be honest – your suitcase has already been fished out of the loft and your favourite pair of speedos/bikini has been delicately packed alongside the trusty flip-flops you’ve had for the past 15 years.

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As much as we love long, relaxing days by the pool or beach, you do need a few toys and games to keep you active and stop the kids getting bored every few minutes so here are 7 awesome beach games and holiday toys for you to consider packing this year.

1. Spikeball – Outdoor Ball Game – As seen on Shark Tank USA. (£49.99)


Spikeball Beach Volleyball
Spike ball

Spikeball is a brand new outdoor 2v2 game which appeared on the US version of Dragons Den; Shark Tank and is perfect for games on the beach (or in the park, lawn or wherever you have enough space).

Based on the fundamentals of volleyball but with a twist, the idea of Spikeball is to bounce the ball on the sprung net and challenge your opponents to return it within 3 touches. You will need to “spike” the ball for your partner in order to get a good shot and put them under pressure.

This intense game is an excellent workout and comes in it’s own Spikeball branded box for easy portability. 

You can buy Spikeball in the UK from Amazon here:


2. The Waboba Water Bouncing Ball (£5.99)

waboba big kahuna ball

As one of our personal favourites for the pool and beach games, we can highly recommend the wide range of Waboba water bouncing balls which provide hours of pool entertainment for under a tenner.

If you have never seen these balls in in action, they are made of a super soft material and somehow defy gravity by bouncing on the water. By throwing them at an angle, you can get some impressive height and challenging catches.

The Waboba Big Kahuna is the largest of the Waboba range and is therefore somewhat easier to catch (and harder to lose) so perfect for younger people or those members of your family with butter fingers.

You can buy the Waboba here from Menkind for £5.99.

3. Aerobie – Amazing Long Range Flying Discs

Giftageek Beach Toys

As beach games go, another excellent choice is the classic Aerobie. This polo shaped frisbee has been around for years now but is a very forgiving flying disc for people who struggle with standard frisbees.

The Aerobie is known for it’s effortless glide so it’s the perfect beach game if you have plenty of space – just make sure you don’t throw it too hard else it’ll be stuck in a tree or six miles out in the ocean… the world record currently stands at 406 metres!

You can buy the Aerobie from Amazon here:

4. Molkky – Outdoor Throwing Game (£30)

Molkky Awesome beach games

Never heard of the game of Molkky before? No? Good, us neither but this fun little Molkky set sounds great for lazy days on the beach, the park or back yard.

Originating in Finland, the idea of Molkky is simple and similar to 10 pin bowling – arrange the numbered blocks and knock the skittles down, while attempting to score exactly 50 points. But be warned, if you go over 50 then your score is instantly reduced to 25!

It comes in a handy wooden crate for easy transport but probably not an ideal one to take overseas due to it’s bulk. Still, we may get nice enough weather for a day at the glorious UK seaside so it still qualifies under beach games!

You can buy Molkky from Menkind here

5. Race to a Million Bouncing Ball (£12.99)

Outdoor Games and Toys at Giftageek

I can only assume that the person(s) responsible for this product were fed up of being pestered by their kids. In turn they decided that making them bounce a ball a million times as fast as possible would be an extremely effectively way of keeping them entertained – and they probably weren’t wrong.

The “Master a Million Bounce Counting Ball” is surprisingly high tech, with an on-ball counter to track your progress towards the magic million mark and can even report progress to the free iOS companion app. The app allows you to track your scores and compare progress to your friends – who knew that bouncy balls could get so technological!?

You can buy the Master a Million Bouncing Ball here.

6. Power Up 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane

Power Up Dart Beach Games

We first came across the Power Up Dart a year or so ago when it was in it’s initial Kickstarter funding phase. Fast forward to 2018 and we’re now on version 3.0 of the incredible Power-Up Dart which allows you to control a paper airplane via your smartphone and it’s a perfect beach toy for all ages!

This is the World’s first remote controlled airplane with an impressive 55 metre range and is easily controlled using a bluetooth enabled smartphone (check compatibility first!). Simply tilt your phone left or right to steer and use the in-app throttle control to manage your speed, perfect for classic loop the loops and barrel rolls, no matter where you’re flying.

The Power Up Dart 3.0 kit contains a special template to help you build your aeroplane as well as a micro-USB cable for charging and a spare propeller and rudder, in case of any tragic crash landings.

You can buy the Power Up Dart 3.0 from Amazon below:

7. Nerf Vortex Mega Howler – Throwable Whistling Toy

Nerf Vortex Beach Games

Along with the Aerobie, the Nerf range of throwable objects has been around for quite a while but they still offer classic throwing fun. The aptly named “Nerf Vortex Mega Aero Howler” is one of the latest models and great for beach games and sea fun all around the World.

Shaped like an american football but with fins for extra aerodynamics, the nerf has a record throw of 90m so it’s capable of travelling decent distances, and with 3 whistles build onto it, the Nerf Vortex certainly does ‘howl’ as it travels.

You can buy the Nerf Vortex Mega Howler here.


We hope you enjoyed this round up of amazing ideas for beach games and holiday toys and if you are lucky enough to be jetting off this summer, have a great time!

Of course, the majority of the games and toys above are also suitable for parks, lawns, picnics, parties etc, so even if you’re not going anywhere exotic, you can still have a great time.

Be sure to check out our other guides on Giftageek such as our favourite summer gadgets and see our summer and outdoors category for other games and gift ideas.

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