We love giving great gifts but with so many gift websites and hundreds of new products each week, it can be tricky to narrow down your search to the perfect present. So we thought, “what if all the best products were in one place?” and suddenly Giftageek was born!

We all are or have a ‘geek’ in our life – be it a music geek, tech geek, gaming geek, outdoors geek or even a wildlife geek. 

At Giftageek our aim is to find all the latest and greatest geeky gifts, awesome gadgets and amazing new tech, allowing you to quickly find something perfect, whatever the occasion.

We collate products from websites such as Amazon, Firebox, Red Letter Days, Not On The High Street, IWOOT and Etsy, amongst others. If you see something you like and go on to buy that product, we may get a small commission from the seller for helping you find it.

We are currently a team of – Daniel & Laura – two living in the UK and have a passion for gaming, gadgets, experience days, travel, camping, food & drink amongst others. We aim to share a diverse range of products which we hope will be perfect for you, or the geek in your life.

While we will only share items we absolutely love, we hope to have a few new products every day. Please sign up to our newsletter for a weekly digest of what you may have missed each week. We will also have regular blog posts talking about the latest gadgets, product reviews or anything else on our mind! Our social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will also be active and we would love for you to be involved.

We hope you like the website and are always welcome to suggestions of products to list, or website improvements, so feel free to contact us on any of our social channels below, or by contacting the Giftageek team here.

Team Giftageek