Let’s be honest, everything looks better when it’s wall mounted – wine racks, TV’s… PS5’s. Organise your gaming space with this sleek PS5 mount, perfectly designed for maximal airflow and convenience, holding up to two controllers – you’ll never have to search your room again!


Stop squinting at your book in low light and let this friendly little anglerfish light up your latest read.


How delicious is freshly baked bread? I'd say it's so delicious that at times I've been tempted to break open a nice warm loaf and just shove my feet in it. *not actual bread*


Light up your room in style and show your Harry Potter fandom with this beautiful golden snitch lamp.


Get a mini-lego version of you, you and your partner or you and your whole family made, customised and framed by Firebox's "Brick Yourself" service. These personalised lego scenes are the perfect way to say 'I'd love you more if you were yellow and made of plastic'.


Give your fridge a makeover with these Super Mario Bros. magnets. Recreate your favourite level or design a new one - with 80 stickers, the possibilities are endless!


What better way to celebrate your colleague or loved ones birthday than driving them towards a total breakdown? This hilarious unstoppable birthday card will play a hideous birthday tune for over 3 hours, getting louder each time they try to turn it off and even withstands tears and hammer blows!


Ah, the classic game of scrabble, guaranteed to result in made up words and dictionaries being thrown at each other. You can now leave a word (well, up to 7 letters) for all to see in your home with this official scrabble tile light box. Perhaps perfect to remind your husband to 'HOOVER' or your kids to 'SLEEP'.


If you have a book geek in the family then the team over at The Bookshelf have a fantastic personalised book subscription service for you, which will keep even the fastest readers occupied every month.


Purritos have been slowly taking over the internet. Defined by Urban Dictionary as a "traditional house cat wrapped in some sort of cloth or rug", Firebox are now offering you the opportunity to own your very own Purrito, great for office desk mascots!


Have you had to cancel your board game night recently due to your playing partners being glued to Fortnite or PUBG? This battle royale board game may tempt them away from their PC or console for a little while!


Love your Playstation? Let everyone know your gaming allegiance with this colourful Playstation lamp. Perfect for any man cave or gaming room.


If you've ever wondered just how delicious a dinosaur egg would have tasted - tough, they're extinct. However Firebox have created the next best thing with these delicious chocolate eggs...


Hate the drama at the carousel where you're not sure if someone has picked up your bag? Check out these personalised suitcase covers. Nothing quite says "hands off my bag!" better than wrapping it in your own or a loved ones face.