Toilet gifts are the sh*t, right? Brighten up your crapper with this motion activated toilet light.


Breakfast just got a whole lot more exciting. Waffles anyone?


Star in your very own comic and feel like a true superhero with this geeky photobooth, including loads of props and accessories.


Fed up of being too hot or cold in bed? Bored of making your bed every morning? This amazing new duvet solves both problems in one high tech duvet!


Keep your friends close, but your beers closer!


Show your wierdo how much you love them with this personalised, comfy cushion


Fed up of always having to make your own decisions? What if there was an overly complicated flowchart to help? Well, you're in luck!


The Mother of all Motherboards, with choptimum processing power


From a Galaxy far, far away, these official Star Wars BBQ tongs are guaranteed to impress, especially when you activate the 'vrmmmm' sound effects!


Lazy Man in your life? Breakfast = sorted with this 5 in 1 Lazy Man Pan.


Is a description even needed for this? Be the 'coolest' person at any party, gathering or gaming session with your very own Slush Puppie machine. Brainfreeze included.


Get spookily organised with this Skull Desk Tidy. Perfect for home or the office this makes light work of tidying.


Are you the person in the group who always finds himself on low HP before a boss fight and begging for potions? Repay your gaming buddies with this pixel style hipflask.


Love impromptu BBQ's the second you get a glimpse of the sun? This compact foldout 'toolbox' will allow you to grill up a few burgers quickly and easily, before the sun goes away!


Show off your love for console gaming with this history of consoles poster. With every major console since 1976 shown, this is a great addition to any gaming room or set up.


If like us you seem to lose your keys every single morning then this could be your favourite new gadget. Simply attach to your keys and next time you have that anger inducing moment, simply whistle and your pesky keys will declare themselves.


Ever wanted to feel like royalty whilst sitting on your own 'throne'? With this wall decal you can transform your own loo into a place fit for the King of the North or the Mother of Dragons!


Got a craft beer geek in your life? Give the gift of Punk IPA and you'll go down in gifting history!


Remember the romance of spending hours collating 'banging tunes' before giving to a crush or girlfriend? This USB twist on the old classic lets you relive the 'good old days'.


Scotch? Bourbon? Irish? Whatever your favourite, show off your prized whiskey in this stylish decanter.


Smart, tasty and easy to use, this popcorn maker will add another level to your next movie night.


You've always wanted to open a bottle on dinosaur teeth, right? The dino bottle opener will add a roar to your next drinks gathering!


Think you would have kicked ass during Medieval times? Prove yourself with this two and a half hour session guaranteed to test your skill.